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Caring Days Adult Daycare for People with Alzheimers

Vicki Kerr passed away on Saturday, January 13th.  She deeply loved her caregivers, clients, employees, volunteer, Kasi and her community.  She will always be the foundation of serving individuals with memory disorders.

Vicki Kerr, 28 years of service     

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LaDerrick Smith, Executive Director

8 years of service

     Kasi, Assistant Director

11 years of service


Diane Hannah, CCS

18 years of service

Jo Barley, Team, Leader

13 years of service

Patricia Trone, CCS

7 years of service


Linda Nutter, Kitchen Mgr.

1 yearsof service

Nick Traylor,Tea, Leader

1 year of service

Mozetta Hinton, CCS

1 year of service

Dot Thomas, CCS (prn)

14 years of service

Blake Peeples, CCS (prn)

1 year of service

Mary Hallman, CCS


Mal & Charlotte Moore Center

Caring Days Team:


Executive Director:  LaDerrick Smith

Program Director: 

Kasi: Assistant Director

Office Manager: Rachel Cobia

Nurse: Bonnie Dean

Maintenance:  Neal Brooks 

Client Care Specialists

Jo Barley, Team Leader

Nick Traylor, Team Leader

Gwen Cooper, Team Leader

Patricia Trone

Diane Hannah

Elaine Dallas

Mary  Hallman

Blake Peeples (prn)

Dorothy Thomas (prn)

Cara Cordell (prn)


            Caring Congregations



  Will Grimsley, President

   Beverly Bell-Shambley, Past President

    Chelsea Burroughs

   Mike Spearing

Cara Powell

Caitlin Tubbs

   Lynn Brooks

Michelle Smart

Cece Hubbert

Travis Railsback

Morgan Mann

Dr. Gordon Govens



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