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Remembering Coach Mal Moore and Charlotte Moore


On March 30, 2013, our community, state, and country lost a true friend, Coach Mal Moore. As a player, coach, and athletic director at the University of Alabama, he was a part of 10 National Championship football teams.  Through the years he was recognized and presented awards for numerous achievements.


Although Coach Moore had an amazing career, he was an amazing person far beyond sports and the University of Alabama. After he passed away, reporters showed up from everywhere and were asking about him.  When I listened to the TV coverage and read news articles, as well as when I was interviewed, I found that all of us described him with essentially the same words and none of the words seemed adequate. It seemed that no one was able to express the depth of his character and class. He was strong, yet gentle.  He was a leader but knew how to follow. He genuinely loved the people in his life. I finally came to realize that it’s impossible to describe such an extraordinary person with ordinary words. Just know that if you never met Coach Moore, you missed a very special and memorable experience.


When Caring Days built their new facility, the Board decided to name the building after Coach Moore and his wife Charlotte. This decision wasn’t based on their careers although they both had made a difference in many young lives. Charlotte was a special education teacher and later became a special education coordinator. She genuinely loved her kids and did so much to improve their lives. And Coach Moore molded the lives of so many young athletes and provided a true example of what it means to be a leader and gentleman.


Life changed dramatically for Mal and Charlotte when Charlotte was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at a very early age. Coach Moore was then faced with raising his only daughter, Heather, caring for his wife, and maintaining the highest standards for the University. Somehow he managed to excel in all three areas. He cared for Charlotte for almost 19 years before she passed in 2010.


When we were designing the building, I was part of every decision but there was one thing that would require more than my recommendation, naming the facility. That would have to ultimately be decided by the Board. Every detail was important to me but the name was not a minor detail. All of my dreams came true with the naming of the Mal and Charlotte Moore Center of Caring Days. Mal was an exemplary caregiver, husband, and father. He understood exactly what other families were experiencing and wanted to help. Thankfully he was here when we broke ground and again when we had our grand opening. He was proud to have their names on the building and we were blessed to always be associated with them.


Mal and Charlotte Moore will always be an important part of Caring Days and we will continue to provide programs with respect, dignity, and especially love for all of our clients, just the way they would have wanted. 


Vicki Kerr

Executive Director

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